Building The
 650 Horse
 388 Chevy SB

Building A 383
 CID with 6
 00 Horse Power
 on A Budget 

Building The
Ford 351-W SB

The 800 HP
 460 / 520
 Big Block Ford

The 800-Plus HP
Chevy Big Block

Building the
Super Hi-Performance
400 Chevy SB


Cylinder Heads

Understanding the
9 Inch Ford
Rear End

Nitrous Oxide

Jr. Drag Racing

Cam and

Building the

HP 350 Turbo 

Building the
High Performance
Racing 400 Turbo

How To Build
 An  Engine
Testing Stand



Building The Hi-Performance POWERGLIDE



Hands on, step-by-step treatment of both teardown and the build-up assembly process.

Tear down shows inspection of broken parts and case from a powerglide taken out of a rear-engine dragster with a 1000 HP small block Chevy engine.

The search for high performance after-market components leads to
J.W. Performance Transmissions"

Their full product line of complete transmissions and high performance
after-market parts supply the components to build a super high performance transmission that will stand up to the punishment the dragster will give it.

Stock broken parts are compared to the high performance components throughout the build-up process.
Up-close cuts show all components and all assembly procedures throughout the build-up process.

Great detail is given to completely explain and show all procedures and placement of all parts, snap-rings, thrust washers, clearances and everything you need to know to build your own transmission.

You will see the best high performance aftermarket parts in the transmission industry. This will aid you by knowing what parts are available to you, and how they will help with any weakness you may have or up-grade you may want to make to your Powerglide.

The build-up assembly includes: Case - bellhousing - aluminum high volume front pump with stator -roller bearing drag free rear support housing both long and short - high gear drum and hub - clutches, steels, and bands - 8 clutch pack high drum vs. 5 clutch - main shaft - stock and aftermarket planetary -reverse clutches and piston - two ring aftermarket servo - trans-brake style valve body and solenoid - 
linkage and shift lever - filter and aluminum deep pan - torque converter and flywheel - fluid and temperature - clearance checks - torque values - band adjustment and installation.

The most complete and exhaustive video on understanding and building a POWERGLIDE ever produced. Use this video to build a stock or high performance Powerglide. 

92 minutes in color and Dolby stereo.