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High Performance
Racing 400 Turbo

How To Build
 An  Engine
Testing Stand



Understanding Nitrous Oxide 







This 2 hour and 13 minute video is full of nonstop action that will open your understanding of Nitrous Oxide.

A complete guide with hands on, step by step analysis of all components, functions and procedures.  

  This video features the Holley brand, NOS  "nitrous oxide system".  Ideal Productions uses NOS because it has a complete line of nitrous oxide components with everything you need in every situation you will have. They also have the best Tech helps and support in the industry.   You will watch a display panel with all nitrous components, 
( bottle - solenoids -  nozzles - jets - controller - fuel regulator - fuel pump -
 fuel tank - battery - all fuel and nitrous hoses and wiring ) starts up and operates all functions and sprays the nitrous / fuel mixture of fog down through a manifold plate. 
You will see what the nitrous/fuel fog really looks like and how much nitrous/fuel really goes through your engine.

 Steve Johnson from NOS shows and tells about each component up close and explains in detail how the components work together to atomize fuel and nitrous for greater horse power.   You will watch the nitrous system being installed on a rear engine small block dragster. Each components will be shown mounted on the race car and explained how the nitrous and fuel system work together on the car.   You will see components in the dragster that were changed in order to run the added 500 plus horse power. ( Axles, larger tires and wheels, twin parachutes and more ). You will go with the dragster to the race track and watch as the Ideal Racing Team work the magic of the nitrous to get the numbers they wanted.  The Ideal dragster weighs 1300 pounds and with the added nitrous had 1400 horse power.   See how easy and inexpensive it is to bolt on extra horse power for the street or strip.  


   You will hear car owner, Wayne Partridge, explain what changes he made at the track to make the Ideal dragster work with the increased horse power.  This video covers what happens inside the nitrous oxide bottle as it releases into your engine at 127 degrees below zero, explains what nitrous oxide is, nitrous and fuel solenoids, distribution blocks, nozzles and jets, carburetor plates, fuel regulators, fuel pumps, filters, fuel cells, fuel flowing, hoses and fittings, wiring and relays, trans-brake wiring, using the nitrous progressive controller, changing jets to increase horse power gains from 50 to over 500.   The most exciting performance video you will ever watch, and the best treatment on NITROUS OXIDE ever produced.