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HP 350 Turbo Racing
Automatic Transmission


This 2:45, two hour and forty five minute video is a hands on step-by-step treatment of building a trans. brake / 8 inch converter style racing 350 Turbo transmission. You can use this video to build a performance street or stock 350 turbo trans.
Phillip " Flip " Williams, a hard core racing transmission builder takes us through tear down and identification of all parts and components.
Then step-by-step through the complete build-rp process. Aftermarket parts and components including the 8 inch racing converter used are from the J.W. Performance Transmission company out of Rockledge Florida. They are the leading manufacturer of aftermarket racing products and are used world wide.
Mr. Williams shows how to build all drums / pistons / clutches and steels up close so you see every seal, snap ring and o-ring installed with ease and clarity.
Flip takes us through the front pump, forward clutch drum, high gear clutch drum, thrust washers, needle bearings, planetary, ring gears, drive shell, center support, output rear clutch drum / clutch pack assembly, spring retainers, all pistons, seals, o-rings and every part and component there is in a 350 turbo transmission.
Williams also shows holes to drill and plug, shift balls to leave out for more solid shift and many other tips to give you a better performance or stock transmission. Every part of the build up process is show with many close up shoots so you can see every detailed part of building high performance or stock 350 turbo. Nothing is left out.
Then Williams takes us with him to the dyno and we watch as he dyno's the transmission. He talks about the reverse shift pattern the new J.W. transbrake valve body has with park, reverse, neutral, 1st gear, 2nd gear and 3rd gear shift pattern. Williams explains why the shift pattern has been changed.
This video is hands down the very best treatment of the 350 Turbo transmission ever produced.