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Building The 800-Plus HP
Racing Chevy Big Block


This mark 5 - 454 has been bored and stroked to 496 CID. Then the Chevy Big Block was built step-by step and hands on by racing engine builder Wayne E Partridge Sr, owner of Ideal Productions and Ideal Racing. This DVD is part of a series of "How to" videos Mr. Partridge has produced and are selling world wide and here on ebay. This 4 hour DVD will show you every step of the complete build up process starting with understanding the mark IV and V blocks. You will see every step in the build up process up close with many cut in close up. So close you will almost walk through the intake and exhaust parts of a super nice CNC head. Nothing left out. Partridge built this BB Chevy with a: New mark V Big Block Chevy block with 4 bolt mains and a priority oil system. He installed a 4340 lightweight no center counter balancers / 4.250 stroke. He used King racing bearings and showed how they are supior over all the other performance bearings and showed how the mains and rod bearings fit and how to check clearances. He then installs Oliver rods / shows how to stretch the rod bolt for torque, installs JE pistons and grinds the JE rings and shows you up close the ring in the cylinder before it's ground, then you watch him grind it and then he fits it into the cylinder and checks the clearance and you can see this like you were there. He then installs the rod and piston into the block and shows this complete process up close. You will see close ups of the rist pin spiro locks and learn how to install them along with all the parts and components. He shows you what bearings go into the block and also the main caps, what bearings go into the rod and also the rod cap. They are different. You will watch him install the ARP main studs and head studs and tell the importance of using the moly lube over oil. He installs a set of ARP 335 CNC Magnum cylinder heads with Ferrea 2.300 intake valves and 1.88 exhaust with Crane valve springs and titanium retainers. You will watch him install the valves and every part and components in the head with the coolest close up shots you have ever seen. He then installs it on the block and shows the proper way to torque the head. He installs a Crane 714 lift roller cam with roller lifters, shows how to find the proper pushrod length. Install Crane pushrod guide plates, studs and Crane's best Gold series roller rocker arms. Partridge show how to set the rocker so the tip centers the on the valve tip to get the proper pushrod length and also proper rocker arm geometry and location. Then install a Crane stabilizer or stud girdle. He then removes all the stud rocker assembly and install Crane's new shaft rocker set up. Shows how to adjust the valves, check piston to valve clearance and spring coil bind.

You will learn how to set installed spring height with a height micrometer and spring shims. He degrees the cam after he install the Crane billet timing chain, crank sprocket and cam gear. He shows the proper way to install the crank sprocket using boiling water. He shows how to install the damper, he install a new ATI super damper, installs a new super victor 2917 CNC ported intake, new King Demon 4500 style carburetor, complete MSD digital 7 plus ignition setup. Installs the distributor and shows you how to set the timing and place the distributor in the block on number 1 cylinder. He places the crank trigger set up on the damper along with a Moroso dry sump oil pump that will locate on the front of the block and still be a wet sump style engine. He installs a wild Moroso aluminum pan, a wild set of headers and you watch the engine build up step - by - step. There is nothing left out. Partridge then sets the engine on a test stand and starts it and you watch the oil pressure, temp, tach and hear it run. The camera pans the complete engine as you hear and see all of it work, electric water pump, external oil pump, MSD's cool crank trigger and pickup all out there for you to watch it run.

 Then takes you along to the dyno shop and you watch the Big Block dyno. He takes two cameras along and places one right in the dyno room and takes the other camera into the dyno booth. You will watch the 3 super wild dyno's from both locations. The Big Block dyno's at 848 horse and you see the dyno sheet. This is the very best video on engine build up ever produced hands down. 4 hours of action packed non stop action of the complete build up process. You won't be able to shut it off. Along with the DVD you get two information sheets on all the proper clearances and settings, and then phone numbers and web site of all the parts manufactures used in the video.