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How To Build A Engine Testing Stand Complete DVD 80 Min

This 80 minute DVD has been produced by Wayne E Partridge,
( nitrousfueler ). Mr. Partridge has many high performance engines, transmissions and many other types of videos on Ebay that show racers and high performance engine guys and gals worldwide how to build these types of engines. 
After getting many calls and emails from guys that purchased one or several of his engine DVD's, now wanting to purchase the engine stand they saw in the engine video,  Partridge has produce a video / DVD on how to build an engine test stand. 
Wayne always takes all the support parts and components like the starter , ignition box / fuel regulator / radiator that will go into the race car the engine is going into and places them all with the engine on the testing stand.
That way he knows how they work together and can change things then if needed.  Also he can check on leaks problems with the engine.  If there is a problem, he can fix it on the stand and not have to pull the engine out of the car. 
He starts out with showing the test stand with this 520 CID - 900 HP Big Block Ford mounted in it.   He shows an overview of the complete stand with the engine,   then starts the engine and runs it through a high performance test.   He then shuts the engine off and without turning the camera off or making a cut, he recalls the Autometer tach and it snaps to 9200 RPM.   The idea of running the engine this hard was to simply show you how the engine did not rock around or move in the test stand, even under this very extreme violent testing.  Then he shows you what  to remove in order to take the engine out and shows a strap he uses to hook  to the engine.  You watch as he lifts the engine and removes if from the stand.

Then Mr. Partridge walks you through the complete building process, just like he does with his high horse power engines.  Talks about bolts / uses a drill and special bit to drill and mount a part on the stand to show you just how that works.  He shows  how he brought  positive and negative terminals from the battery to a point at the other end of the stand where all the wires and electrical terminals are. That way you simply take your wires to that terminal and not the battery.  Shows the electric water pump and how he plumbed hoses  to the radiator. Shows how he mounted the engine front and rear.  And the best part is that he maid the complete stand from scrap lumber. 

After you see and hear all there is to know about building your own stand, he then show you his 650 horse 388 Chevy / his 410 Small Block Ford 715 horse / and this 900 horse BB Ford all running and being tested on this very stand.   After seeing the stand with three different engines being tested / then seeing it bare without any engine and getting a close up look and having the complete stand explained in detail, you will be able to build your own stand and build it even better.  Wayne said it took him an afternoon and scrap lumber to build this stand. 

He also has offered that if you need any help with your stand, email or call him and he will get you going.  Wayne likes to help and calls are not a bother to him.  Thanks for your interest .   Ideal Productions.   Please look in his store and you can see all the engines / trans / and much more he has to offer to help you with your racing or high performance needs.  /  Ideal Productions