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Building Fords C-4 Automatic Transmission - Step by Step Detailed - 4 Hr -2 DVD

Building the Ford C-4 Automatic Transmission 4 hour twin disc DVD. 
The very best and most exhaustive video ever produced on the C-4. 


Engine and transmission builder Wayne E Partridge Sr. starts out by stating you first need to know the end play or clearance of the transmission before you remove the front pump.
After he finds the end clearance he disassembles the transmission one part at a time, step-by-step places each part on a long work bench so you can see every part placed on the bench in the order it was removed from the transmission and placed in the row.
Each part is shown up close as it's removed and placed in the row.   Each washer, bearing, spacer is shown and also placed on the bench as it came out and the importance of how it came out and where it came out is explained. 
He proves to you by using this step-by-step method of building is not hard but you will even enjoy the build.   Mr. Partridge then explains that you check all the clutch drums for their clearance under the snap ring or between the first steel and clutch disc. 
You check the clearance with the manual for your transmission which he shows what the clearance should be and then explains if the forward / reverse or direct clutch drum is OK in it present state. 
He also explains you check all the clutch drums for clearance before you order new ones. 
That way you know what your clearances are so you can either get thicker or thinner steels or snap rings to adjust to the proper clearance.  Every part and component is shown and explained up close and in great detail like installing a lip seal on a clutch drum piston, it's first lubed with Transjel or transmission fluid and you watch him install the lip or square cut seal on the piston and then watch him install it in the drum and in the case. 
You watch how you place the steels and discs in the drums, after soaking the discs in transmission fluid for an hour and then with a feeler gauge or a special checking tool he maid how you check the clearance.
You will rebuild all servos / replace all bands and show how to adjust the bands / you watch how he tests the different clutch packs with air / clean and reinstall the governor / You watch him install bushings and seals and nothing is left out.  Mr. Partridge tells and shows you how you can make tools to tear down drums, remove retainers, and other tasks that require special tools, like using a small block of metal with a hole in it and a bolt to remove front pumps rather than buying a slide hammer for 45 bucks.
You watch him take the valve body apart and show you how to clean and reinstall all the valves and springs. He will give you all the torque values and you will watch him torque with a foot pound wrench and also a inch pound wrench.
After the transmission is completely assembled and the torque converter is installed, he takes you and the transmission to a dyno shop and you watch it being run and tested on a real dyno. 
You watch the transmission he just built running through all the gears, kickdown, reverse and then automatic shift through all the gears.  It worked flawlessly.   
You will understand what to replace in your transmission and when or where to get them.  Waiting until you have it disassembled with all the clearances is the key to getting all the right parts and components. 
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