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Building The  650 Horse 388 Chevy SB

7 Hr DVD


"NEW"  388 CID with 650 Horse Power on Two Part 7 Hr DVD

Wayne E Partridge Sr, has built this new multi-camera DVD production of a 350 4 bolt main block, with a 3.75 stroke crank and bored .060 over into a 388 Cube SB Chevy.  If you bore .030 over you get the well known 383. 

This 7 hour exhaustive production will tell the complete story of creating 650 plus horse power from a junkyard 350 bare block. 

Wayne has built high tech racing engines for many years for his sprint cars and fuel dragster.  He also has many other engine DVD's here on ebay like the 496 BB with 848 horse, the 351W Ford he built into a 410 with 715 horse.  The wildest is his 420 inch Small Block Chevy with 1050 horse and 1400 on nitrous in his 1340 pound super fast dragster.

This production covers block selection, which block will make a better block for racing than another / drilling , plugging , tapping , grinding holes not needed / or modifying some needed to make a superior oiling system / shows the boring / decking / line honing all on camera and you will watch the engine being built step-by-step / you will watch the rods, pistons , rings, bearings and all rotating engine parts being balanced and watch the bob weights built and the crank being spun and brought into perfect balance .  

You will watch Wayne alter and modify the oil system into a very superior oiling system that will  handle the high RPM and horse power of a racing engine.   He tells about restricting the oil to the lifter galleys and then restricts them / He shows you where and how the oil comes into the engine and where it goes through the engine. How and where the oil travels to reach the rod bearings / You will watch multi-cameras install the cam bearings / soft plugs / cam plug / installs the chamfered racing main bearings and check the clearance for racing clearances / installs an Eagle lightweight 4340 crankshaft with no center counter balances / installs a CompCams 728 lift solid roller cam with roller lifters / he will show you the best aluminum 6 inch SB rod for the money and he will give you the good and bad about aluminum rods / he will show you how to install the JE piston with .300 dome on the rods with the twin spiro locks on each pin side /  you will see the JE pistons up close and the worlds best connecting rod, The Oliver 6 inch rods /  Wayne will show you how to check the rod bearing clearance and what clearance to use when building for racing / he will show you the difference between chamfered racing bearings and other inferior racing bearings and how there are two bearings in you rod bearing box, one for the rod and one for the rod cap and then show how to tell the difference / You will watch him grind the JE racing rings to fit the cylinder / how to install them on the piston / he will talk about the rings RPM around the piston when it's running / you will watch as he places the rod and piston together to fit number one cylinder and how number 3 cylinder rod and piston are different / you will watch him use a special ring compressor to load each piston/rod into it's place and he will show you all the pit-falls of what to watch for when installing the rod and pistons / he will show how to fix a main or head bolt that has stripped or pulled with a heli-coil / shows how to make up steel braided hose with special steel braided hose ends / how to repair a ding you maid on the crankshaft while it's in the engine / he will show you assembly lubes to use for engine assemble and bearings / you will watch as he stretches the Oliver's 235 thousand psi ARP rod bolt with a stretch guage / he gives a lesson on torque wrenches  / shows how to check rod side clearance / crank end clearance / installs the rear main seal so it won't leak / he will talk about oil pumps - internal and external / you will see a super high tech internal wet oil pump and watch it install / then Wayne removes the internal pump and shows you a block off plate and installs it / then he shows you a super special Fel-Pro pan gasket that's better than any other and installs it with the front and rear rubbers and goes into detail how to install them / installs a 7 qt racing oil pan with ARP studs / you will watch him install the timing chain and both sprockets and he shows you how to install the crank sprocket without hitting - pounding or hammering on it, you won't believe it  / he will degree the cam in great detail and explain all the cam card numbers so you can understand them / tells about lobe separation - lobe centerline - how to advance and retard your cam and how that changes the top and bottom end horse power / installs an aluminum front timing cover and shows how to set the cam end clearance to prevent cam walk and also shows how to install a stock steel cover / installs the worlds best Super Damper with a special trick on how to get them to fit and a cool way to install dampers / installs  MSD's Crank trigger and pick-up / installs ARP's head studs and shows a very special part of the head stud installation that will really make a big difference to all of you / shows in great detail Air Flow Research's best 227 CNC aluminum cylinder head that flows 330 CFM's that he decked to 64 CC / shows in detail how to find the valve spring installed height with a height mic / talks about valve springs - retainers - shims - seals - valves and shows you a very special spring compressor he uses to install the springs right in front of you / installs the head and shows the pit-falls of the head stud nuts and washers on certain studs of the SB with large racing valve springs and how he fixed that problem / shows the torque sequence and torques the heads on camera / installs the roller lifters and a special CompCam roller rocker and then takes an adjustable pushrod and shows you how to get your new push rod length the correct way / shows and tells about rocker arm ratios / shows the correct way to set the valves / installs a stud girdle to strengthen the valve train / shows you how to check piston to valve clearance like you have never seen before. You will see the valve going down and the piston coming up and how they meet together on camera - it will knock you socks off - you see how much clearance you really have, no guess work /  installs a supper victor intake manifold with a large Demon carb / installs an MSD distributor and shows you the MSD digital 7 plus controller and the complete ignition system - WOW /  installs a special oil filter adaptor that locates the filter 90 degrees to the front that gives more ground clearance for the 2 qt filter and less air drag / installs a external oil pump and shows you how it is simple to install and you watch in short time how he mounts the drive on the damper and installs the belt - explains how the dry sump or external pump is much superior and it also takes stress away from the cam / installs an electric water pump, a high torque starter and flywheel / Shows a cubic inch chart that you can use to find your CID or use to design an engine. 

  Then he takes you and the engine outside and you watch him use a drill to prime the dry sump oil pump to 80 pounds and then starts the 388 on a test stand he built / you watch it being started and put to the test / much thunder and lightning / you watch the tach - temp and oil gauges during the wild test run / after the engine test run, he removes one valve cover and you inspect the valve train with him / he then takes the compression of number 4 cylinder and it has 248 pounds / the tach recall pegged the 9 thousand RPM gauge and there was no leaks and the engine sounds like a top fueler. I'm sure there is a few things we left out but Wayne covers everything there is to cover / OH he also indexed the plugs and even more / email or call if you have any questions / this two part DVD will show anyone how to build a stock or super high performance 350 thru 400 SB . 

You will see $ 12,000.00 worth of very nice parts and components.

This production is the most exhaustive and complete treatment of building a high performance Small Block Chevy engine ever produced.         Thanks for looking  Wayne E Partridge at 316-284-2408