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Understanding Junior Drag Racing



This 72 minute video opens your
understanding to the fastest growing racing sport in the country and it involves Kids and Families.
 Junior Drag Racing involves Kids from 8 years of age to 17. Wayne Partridge, owner of Ideal Productions and fuel dragster owner starts the video with comparing his fuel dragster with a beautiful Junior Dragster used in the Disney movie "Right on Track".

Then Partridge takes you to the Motivational Tubing company that manufactures Junior Dragsters. Arlen Wiens, owner of Motivational Tubing takes you through each step of the build-up process. You see the difference between mild steel and 4130 chromoly steel tubing that builds the Junior Dragsters. You watch as the tubing gets cut to length, then goes to the bender and is bent to shape, notched for precision fit, placed in an assembly jig for welding, and after it goes through each phase of building, it becomes a "state of the art" race car for Kids.

 Wiens then shows how the front end and rear sections of the dragsters unbolt for easy replacement. Wiens shows components and parts like spindles, rack and pinion steering units, rear axles, wheels and tires, pedals, brakes, engines, fuel tanks, chains and sprockets, clutches, safety equipment and everything else that creates a Junior Dragster. Wiens then talks about Kids safety in the cars and at the track. He states that Junior is safer buckled in the race car with all the safety equipment than riding their bicycles down the street with cars.

 You see the dragsters in different phases of completion and also the awesome final finished car. Then you go to the track and watch the Junior drivers and their cars in action. You will listen to Junior drivers both girls and boys tell what it is like to pilot one of these unique race cars. In the Ideal Productions race shop you will see 4 Junior drivers and their cars. You listen as they talk about how  thrilling it is to suit up and slide down into one of these unique race cars. Then take it through a burn out and pre-stage. You wait at the line for the other driver to stage and you stage and wait for the lights to come down to green and launch the car down the track.

They talk about the thrill of winning and also how they cope with losing. They share how they deal with being afraid and overcoming the fear of racing and competition. Both the Junior driver girls and boys tell how it is to race against friends, what their schools friends think about them racing, lessons they have learned, how they depend on mom and dad, uncles and aunts and grand parents to help with the car and give them support.

All 4 drivers show their driving suites and safety gear, then climb into their cars and buckle up. You watch as they show how the safety equipment goes on and keeps them safe. They talk about the friends they have maid at the track and how much fun they have between races playing football, riding 4 wheelers and golf carts, playing video games and having water balloon fights. If you are looking for something for your Junior to get involved in, this is the video for you. Great for Kids and families.