Building The Ford AOD - Automatic Overdrive Trans

Step by Step - 4Hr 2Disc DVD





This 4 hour twin disc production shows hands-on, step by step treatment of building Fords AOD or Automatic Overdrive Transmission.  
All components and assembly are shown up close and with great detail so anyone can understand.

The most complete and exhaustive video ever produced on the Ford AOD. 
The production starts with disassembly and inspection of all parts and components. 
Cleanup then the rebuild starts with a bare case. 

First component rebuilt is the direct clutch and output shaft. 
All steels and clutches are removed then the spring retainer to the piston. 
The direct clutch with piston, clutches and steels are rebuilt and reassembled. 
Then that complete component is installed back into the case. 

Next the center support and planet carrier are rebuilt and installed. 
All one way clutches are taken apart, cleaned and reinstalled. 
All spacers, shims, roller bearings and Torrington bearings are inspected, cleaned and reinstalled. 

After the center support with the planet carrier is installed you install the anti-clunk spring and then the center support snap ting. 
The low - reverse and forward clutch drums are rebuilt by removing all the clutches, steels and pistons and placed together and installed with the proper bearings into the case on top of the center support. 
Both low-reverse and overdrive bans are installed. 

Then the intermediate clutches are installed and checked with a depth gage to make sure all clearances are correct. 
The front pump is disassembled and all gears, piston and stator are inspected and rebuilt with new lip seals, stator sealing rings, converter seal and assembly gel. 
Both 1-2 and 3-4 accumulators are cleaned and resealed and reinstalled. 
The low-reverse & overdrive band servos are resealed and reinstalled with close attention to band connection and they you watch how to adjust them both. 
The front pump is then installed with guide pins and torqued. 

Next we move into the valve body with cleaning, checking and reassembling.
A new seal is installed into the shifter lever and the valve body is installed and torqued.  Filter and pan. 

Last is the torque converter with a lesson on crankshaft to flywheel bolts that are wrong for the AOD and 5.0 engines. 
The converter is inspected and found no good.  A replacement is shown and you watch the proper way to install a torque converter into a Ford AOD transmission. 
All clutches, drums, assemblies are shown up close with great detail where snap rings go, removing snap rings. 
All torque values and clearances are shown too!  Be sure to visit my store.  Coming soon on video / Ford C-4 / Ford C-6 and Chrysler 727 Torque Flite. 

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